LED Off Road Light

Instructions to wire
a LED off road light.

Wiring LED
Off Road

Off Road LED Light
LED Off Road Light


Diagram for Dual LEDs
LED and Relay Wiring Diagram

12 V DC Relay
Relay Wiring Diagram

85 to switch, center lug.

30 to pos. battery +
(series fused)
also to switch side 1,
opposite side of light
emitting diode.

86 to ground negative

87 to LED Light
(+ Red wire).

LED other lead to grd.
(black Wire)

87a not used.

85 and 86 relay coils.

30 and 87 contacts.

Three Lug Switch
LED Wiring Switch

LED Wiring Switch Schematic Diagram

Center lug goes to relay

Side one goes to + Battery

Side two goes to ground,
either under dash or
wire back to - Neg.battery.

Test center lug to each side
with an ohm meter, the
side which shows a resistance
is the led light emitting
diode side and this side
goes to ground (- battery).

Place the LED light
where there is air
circulation around the
unit to keep it cool.

Neatly run all wires and
secure in place.

Keep all connections
weather proof to prevent

Keep in mind that if LED
is placed in front of the
radiator this may hinder
airflow and reduce cooling
to the radiator.


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