Windshield Wipers

How to remove existing
windshield wipers and
install new ones.


Honda Accord Windshield
Wiper Change

Changing a windshield wiper can
be done safely in a short time,
when you understand the

Start by lifting the wiper blade
away from the windshield.

Wiper up, spring tension,
holds it in up position, wiper
lifted off window

Locate the tab release and
hold tab release with your
finger, while gently taping
downward on the end of
the wiper.

Tab release
tab release on wiper
Wiper removed
tab wiper end to free from wiper arm

Slide the wiper blade down
towards the windshield, then
away from the support arm,
remove the wiper blade.

With the wiper blade released
from wiper arm, lay the metal
wiper support arm gently
against the glass.

Leave it there until you are
ready to install the new blade.
If the wiper support arm is
bumped in the up position,
it could spring towards the
wind shield, and chip the

Blade released
wiper released from wiper arm

Slide the new wiper blade
onto the wiper arm and click
into place.

Place the wiper against the
windshield, and you are

Windshield Wipers


Many different types of vehicle
have the hook type wiper arm,
these instructions apply to
this type of wiper arms.

The right and left wiper blades
may be of different lengths,
measure the existing blades,
before going to buy new ones.
They are usually sold as
single items.

Windshield Wiper

The first windshield wipers were
operated by hand.

A lever located above the
windshield, inside the cab,
connected to the outside
through the wall to the wiper.

By flipping the inside lever
back and forth, the wiper
cleaned the windshield.

In the next improvement to
the windshield wiper a
vacuum powered motor was
employed to operate the wipers.

The vacuum was produced
by the vacuum of the engine.
One of the drawbacks of the
vacuum driven motor was
the vacuum dropped
considerably when the vehicle
went up a hill or when the
engine was under heavy load.
With less vacuum the wipers
slowed or stalled until the
vacuum improved.

With a more powerful battery
and generator, the electric motor
was a good choice to power
the windshield wipers.

Now the wipers would not slow
down on hills, and the speed
of the wipers could be selected.

To day with electronics
employed in the operation of
the wipers, they can even
respond to rain, without
manually turning a switch.

With electronics the wipers
can be set to delay at
infinate settings.


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