Vinyl Siding Calculator

Calculate the quantity
and cost of siding
needed for a project.

Vinyl Siding

Entry Form

Enter Length: In feet

Enter Height: In feet

Enter Cost $: per Box

Boxes Required

Cost: $

Squares Required

Tax not included.

Using This Vinyl
Siding Calculator

Enter length, and height
in feet, of the area to
be covered.

Enter cost of one square
of siding.

Calculate each wall separately
and add the results together
or add all the lengths and
heights together and enter
the total area into the

1 box of 10 inch siding has
20 pieces, and covers
200 sq. ft.

1 box of 9 inch siding has
22 pieces and covers 200
sq. ft.

1 box of 8 inches has 25
pieces and covers 200 sq. ft.

1 square covers 100 sq, ft,

The cost, and number of
corners, flashing, trim,
and nails are not


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