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Turkey Cooking

cooked turkey

Preheat oven at 325
Fahrenheit for 15 minutes.

If oven is not preheated,
cook at
450-500 F (204-260 Celsius)
degrees for 30 minutes, then
reduce to 325 F. Cook at
a minimum of 325 degrees
Fahrenheit (160 Celsius).

Use a meat probe

Cook to attain.
Breast 170 degrees Fahrenheit
(76.6 Celsius).

Thigh 180 degrees Fahrenheit
(82.2 Celsius).

Dressing 165 degrees
(74 Celsius).


Add half cup of chicken
broth to the bottom of
the pan, this prevents


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Turkey thaw time

Change cold water often.

Turkey Thaw and Cook
Time Calculator,
at findnchoose.

Best Ever Gravy Recipe

(don't bother with other recipes)

Double recipe if serving a
lot of people.

1/4 cup of arrowroot powder
1/2 cup of white flour
1/3 cup of butter, you can
use other oils but
butter is best.

Now work the Arrowroot and
the flour and the butter
together so you have a nice
ball. Set aside.

Combine in a large pot or
pan, the Turkey drippings,
giblet broth and the veggie
It is important to get as
much of the brown, not
burned stuff from the
bottom of your roaster as
this is what will give your
gravy a nice rich look,
if you can't do that then
you can use 1/2 tsp of
decaf instant coffee.

Now you will need someone
to constantly be whisking
the ingredients in your pot
or pan.

Turn up the burner heat to
medium , you will need to
judge how high or low you
will need it to melt the
butter balls.

Take the ball that you had
put aside and break off
small bits all over the
liquid in the pan, leave
enough room for the
Whisker to work.
Whisk until dissolved and
keep adding more bits
as needed.

The mixture should be
starting to thicken, if not
turn up the heat slightly,
keep adding the bits until
desired amount is made.

All the ingredients will need
to be mixed well and
actually start to simmer for
at least one minute, to
taste best.

Never leave the gravy
unattended, it might
burn otherwise.

If you have brined the
turkey you will not need
any added spices, taste
test to see if it is appealing
to you.
You may need some extra
salt or pepper but not
You will also not need the
instant coffee.

If you have any of the
butter ball left it can be
broken up in chunks and
put into a baggy and frozen
for later use.

Hope you enjoy this really
easy and wonderful gravy

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