Trivet Plans

How to make a trivet
using wood and a
floor tile.


Tile trivet.
tile trivet

Trivet Plans

The tile used for this
project is 13-1/2 inches
by 12-3/4 inches.

Tile left over from a
floor tiling project.

The frame size for your
project will be determined
by the size of your tile.

1-3/4 by 3/4 inch oak
stock can be used for
this project.

Two lengths cut at
14-1/2 inches

Two lengths at 12-1/2

Cut a channel to support
the tile, the full length
and a bit wider than the
tile at 3/8 of an inch

The leg feet are 2-1/2
inches long, and they
taper up at 45 degrees
to make a 1 inch rail.

A 5/32 inch drill is used
to drill the pilot holes
for the screws, followed
with a 1/8 inch pilot hole
in the mating stock.

The outside of the 5/32
inch hole is countersunk
to bury the screw head.

1-1/2 inch tapered head
wood screws are used.

Sand all the pieces to a
smooth finish.

Top view
tile trivet side view


Check out garage sales
for left over tile.


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