Picnic Table Plans

Build a picnic table,
Plans are provided,
along with pictures.

Picnic Table

Picnic Table
picnic table

Picnic Table Instructions.

Build a picnic table with
re-cycled boards to make
a great picnic table.

Used treated deck boards
make great picnic table.

Recycle, a great way to
go green

Legs cut out and doubled
up, then nailed together.

Made from 45-1/2 inch
long boards, 1-1/8 inch

Legs notched out in one
layer of each pair.
This is where the legs

See table plans below
for measurements.

Table Legs
table legs

Place the two sections
together, to make a cross.

Use a 2x4, draw a line on
the wood 45 inches apart.

Rest the legs against the
2x4 and align with the

This is the right distance
apart for the legs,
screw the legs together.

Squaring up legs
picnic table legs

Assemble the five boards
to form a table top.

Place the two top braces into
place under the boards of
the table top, on each end.

The brace is placed three
nches in from the ends,
and centered from the sides.

Place two screws in each
board to secure the boards
to the table brace.

The picture shows the top
turned over, with the boards
screwed into place.

Assembling top

Place the legs onto the
underside of the table top,
against the braces, secure
together with deck screws.

Place the end to end brace
in-between the legs, and
secure into place, with deck

The brace is level with
the point of the V of the

Add the seat supports.

Draw a line in the middle of
the seat support, this will
serve as a reference point,
to center with the end to
end brace.

Place the seat supports into
place against the leg,
it rests on top of the end
to end brace, level and
secure with deck screws,
to the legs.

Adding seat supports
picnic table legs

Turn the picnic table right
side up.

Secure two boards each
side, onto the seat

supports and secure with

Picnic Table
Leg Plans

4, 45-1/2 inches long
boards required, 8 if
doubled up.

picnic table plan 1

Picnic Table

Table top braces, two
26 inch braces required

Seat support, two
50-1/2 inch supports
required, or 4 if
doubled up

Table top and seat
boards, nine 60 inch
boards required

picnic table plan 2

The end to end brace
has to be measured and
cut when legs are in
place, as this
measurement may vary.


Drill pilot holes and
countersink each
screw hole.


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