Adjusting a Sprinkler

How to adjust a mechanical
pulsating sprinkler.


Setting up a mechanical
impact sprinkler.

rotating mechanical multi-adjustment<br />
     pulsating lawn sprinkler

Adjusting an Impact Pulsating
Mechanical Sprinkler

The multi-adjustment lawn
pulsating sprinkler adjustments
can be confusing,

With a few tips, anyone can
adjust one with ease.

The sprinkler has two reverse
rings adjustments, to limit
the movement far right and
far left.

A flip down tab causes the
sprinkler to reverse directions
when it contacts one of the
reverse rings.

If the flip down tab is left in
the upward position the
sprinkler will not reverse, but
continue in a circle.

The watering pattern of the
pulsating sprinkler can be
adjusted from a small pie
shape, to a complete circle.

It has an spray adjustment screw
(diffuser pin) in front of the spray
nozzle to adjust for distance,
and spray.

The more you reduce the distance
(turning screw clockwise), the
greater the spray effect.

Turning the screw anti-clockwise
increases the distance, but
reduces the spray effect.

Turn the water off, connect the
hose to the sprinkler, drive
the sprinkler support peg
into the lawn, where you
want to water.

Mimic what happens, when the
water is turned on; by hand,
lift the center of the unit
(nozzle) to it full height, this
is what happens when there
is water pressure

The center lifted, rotate by hand,
the spray nozzle to the extreme
right, until it touches the control
ring (reverse pin) which tells it
when to switch back to the other

Adjust this stop-ring.

If it is a spring wire type,
squeeze the slip ring and
rotate it to the proper position.

If it is a plastic type limit,
just click it to the proper

Raise, and swing the spray
nozzle completely to the other
direction, and repeat the same
adjustment for this side.

Turn the water on and see
how far the water spray

Turn off the water.

If the water does not go as far
as you would like, turn the
distance/spray screw out
(diffuser pin), counter-clockwise.

This adjustment screw is located
in front of the spray nozzle.

If the water goes too far, turn
the distance/spray screw in
a clockwise direction, or
reduce the water flow at the

Turn the water back on and
Make any adjustment as

you may have to reposition the
sprinkler in the lawn, to get
the effect you want.

In some cases, you may have
to make an adjustment at the
water tap, by reducing the
water flow a bit.

About Mechanical
Pulsating Sprinklers

The mechanical pulsating sprinkler
is very efficient, even while
operating on low water pressure,
it delivers a great volume of water
in a short period of time.

The water discharge is close to
ground and not greatly affected
by wind.

The pulsating sprinkler nozzle has
a large orifice, which allows large
quantities to flow. The orifice is large
enough to prevent it from becoming

Pulsating mechanical sprinklers
are made from a number of
different materials, such as
brass, aluminum, zinc, stainless
steel, and plastic.


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