Sonotube Cement

Calculate how many bags
of premix cement is
required to fill sonotubes.


Entry Form

Diameter: In Inches

Depth: In Inches

Number Of: Sonotubes


Cubic Feet:

Cubic Yards:

Premix: 40 Lb. 18 kg. Bags
Premix: 60 Lb. 27 kg. Bags
Premix: 80 Lb. 36 kg. Bags
Concrete Weight: Pounds

Using This Sonotube
Cement Calculator.

Enter diameter and depth
in inches.

This calculator is intended for
approximate guidance.

Calculate the number
of premixed bags of
cement are required.

Calculate cubic feet
and yards required.

The sonotue provides a
hollow column mold for
Just provide a hole in
the ground, position
the sonotube into place

Use a level on the inside
of the sonotube, and
secure into place with
wood supports.

Tamp as you fill to
remove air spots.

Place precut rebar into
the concrete while it
is still in liquid form.

Tapping out side of the
column with a hammer
makes for a smooth
outside surface.

Sonotubes come in
diameters of 8 to 56
inches, and in many
different lengths.

The cardboard mold can
be removed after the
concrete has set.

Working with Concrete

Only use clean water.

Concrete must be used
within 2 hours of mixing,
The sooner the better.

Avoid over-working any
poured concrete, as this
will weaken the concrete.

It takes a few weeks to for
concrete to reach 90 percent
of its final strength.

Concrete that cures to fast
will crack, scale, and flake,
and lack strength and

If the weather is windy or
very hot, cover the concrete
to prevent the quick
evaporation, which causes


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