Solar Panels Wind
Force Calculator.

Calculate square footage
and wind force on a
solar panel.


Entry Form

Panel Length: Inches

Panel Width: Inches

Panel Numbers:

Wind Force: MPH


Area:Sq. Ft.

Wind Force: Lbs Per Sq. Ft.

Wind Force: Lbs Total Area

Solar Panel Wind Force Calculator

Enter length and width
of panel in inches.

Enter wind speed in MPH.

Wind Force Formulas
one square foot (psf).
.00256 x (mph x mph)
x cd

Wind pressure is .00256

Cd is drag coefficient.

Window glass can stand
15 psf.

Tempered glass is 4 times
stronger than window glass.

This calculator is only
provided for approximate
wind force.

Angle of solar panel sheds
winds according to angle,
and spaces between
panels also allow wind to
escape reducing pressure.


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Calculate the square
feet and wind force
against a solar panel,
at findnchoose.

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