Solar Panel Snow Weight
Load Calculator.

Calculate solar panel
maximum glass load.

Snow Weight
On Glass

Entry Form

Length: In Inches

Width: In Inches


Weight: Maximum Lbs.

Snow Load

Enter length and width
of panel in inches.

This calculator is based
on 3/16 tempered glass.
And flat placed solar
panels on a roof.

Tempered glass will support
approximately 1.36 pounds
per square inch.

Regular glass has only
1/4 the strength as
tempered glass.

Calculation is based on
even distribution of
weight over surface
of glass.

This calculation is
approximate and
intended as a basic guide.

1/8 inch=.125
1/4 inch= .25
1/2 inch= .50
3/4 inch= .75

This calculator will calculate
the square inches of a panel
and calculate maximum
weight load on glass.

The wind blown, wet, and
heavy snow is the snow
to be really concerned

The weight multiplies
quickly as it is packed
or saturated with water.

At some point the panels
may need to be cleaned off.


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