Snow Blower Engine
HP Calculator

Calculator snow blower
four cycle engine cubic
centimeters (CC) to
horsepower (HP).

Snow Blower
cc to hp

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Engine CC: Snow Blower


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Using This Snow
Blower Calculator

Enter Four Cycle Engine
Rated CC.


An engine rated at 260 CC
will produce approximately
9.8 horsepower
The snowblower engine has a
cylinder with a head at one end,
of the cylinder, and a piston that
travel up and down in the

When the piston is at the
bottom of the cylinder, the
volume between the head
and piston is measured in
cubic centimeters.

This cc is used to calculate
horse power (hp).

Cylinder formula
3.14159 * (radius*radius)
* length

Horsepower will vary
somewhat due to compression
differences and engine
physical construction.

This calculator gives an
approximate hp for small
snow blower 4 cycle engines.


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Snow Blower engine
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