Lighting Estimator

Calculate the lighting
for an average size
home shop.


Entry Form

Length: In feet

Width: In feet

Height: In Feet


Cubic Feet:

Total Lamps: 4 Foot units
2 Lamp: Units
4 Lamp: Units

Total Watts: T8

Total Watts: T12

Using Use This
Lighting Calculator.

This calculation is based
on one fluorescent tube
lights approximate 400
cubic feet of space.

Fluorescent tube Lumens
range from 2600
to 3250 lumens.

Average lighting is 2800 to
3000 lumens.

Keep in mind, different
lumen ranges, soft light
tubes, daylight tubes, all
produce difference
lighting to the room.

Enter length, width, and
height in feet..

Round off answer to the
next higher even figure.

This calculator is intended
for approximate estimating.

Color of ceiling and walls
will affect the lighting.

Lighting Reflection

Window covering 40-50%

Walls 50% max.

Shop Equipment 25-45%.

Ceiling 70-80%

Floor 25-45%


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