Rustic Bench Plans

Build a rustic Aspen
bench instructions
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Rustic Aspen Bench
Plans, and Instructions.

rustic aspen bench

Rustic Aspen

Look for aspen trees that
are tightly grouped, this
way they grow tall and

Choose the aspens that are
suitable for this project,
approximately four inches
in diameter for support rails,
and three inch for the rest of
the rustic bench project.

Wood cut to length
material to build an aspen rustic bench

Lengths Needed

4- 56 inches rails

22-15 inch seat rests

2-22 inch arm rests

2-29 inch back braces

4-24 inch legs

2-11 inch horizontal
leg braces

1-10 inch back upright

2 -56 inch crossed
rear leg braces

Bench Seat Area

Assemble the seat area first,
Choose two matching rails,
start in the centre and work
outward. Nail each seat rest
into place.

Assembled seat area
rustic bench seat assembly

Assemble Legs

Place the assembled seat
area on something to
make it 16 inches high.

Stand the two legs
upright, between the two
seating end rails.

Place the 11 inch cross
support piece between
the legs.

Slide the cross piece up
between the two leg pieces
until the legs unit will fit
snug between the seat unit.

Mark this level with a pencil,
remove the legs and cross

Using the pencil mark as a
guide assemble the leg unit

Connect the assembled
leg unit to the seating
area, aim for a height of
the seat at 16 inches.

Add the hand rails, and
back top rail, upright
brace and diagonal

Turn the bench over and
add the two back leg
diagonal braces.


With a very sharp hatchet,
cut away all bumps, bending,
and imperfections,
straighten the wood before


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