Set a Schedule
in a Roomba 500.

Set the date, and cleaning
times on a Roomba.

Roomba 500

Roomba 500
roomba 500 image

Setting Clock
and Schedule

roomba 500 image

Setting the Clock.

Set up the clock to the
present time.

While holding down the
clock button, set
the day, the hour, and
the minute.

Tap through to the time
options you want.

When you release the
clock button, the
time is set.

If you want to delete a
scheduled time, press
and hold the day key.

Set a Schedule

To set a schedule, hold
down the schedule
button and tap through
days, Monday to
Sunday, pick the day
you want.

Tap for hours and minutes.

While still holding down
the schedule button,
also tap the clock button
for the hour and minutes.

When you release the
buttons the schedule
time is set for that day.

You can schedule times
for each day using
the same method.

You can program the
same time, or different
times for each day.

If the battery is removed
the time and schedule
memory is lost.


The Roomba 500 will
accept the new type Lithium
ion battery that will run
your unit twice the time
on one charge, sometimes,
up to three hours.

If the battery is removed
the time and schedule
memory is lost.

There is no battery memory
effect so you can charge
anytime without causing
any memory problem.


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roomba 500 image

If you have a dark colored
Roomba, place white tape
across the bumper to
prevent dark markings on
white base boards.

Apparently there is a bumber
extension you can get.

How to set the clock
and schedule in a
Roomba 500
Vacuum Cleaning Robot,
at findnchoose.

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