Right Angle
Fence Corners

Calculate a true right
angle for fence corners
and property lines.


Entry Form

Leg A: Length

LegB: Length


Hypotenuse: Length

True Right Angle

A and B are the same length.
Enter side A length.
Enter side B length.

If you need to place a post at
right angle to a wall of house,
such as a gate post.

Mark the start spot near
the wall where the post
will be at right angle to.

Measure the distance from
this start spot to
required post position.

Enter this distance into entry
A and B of the calculator.

Measure down wall or house,
from start point, the
distance of A
(start point to post area).

From this new position
down the wall, measure
calculated Hypotenuse
distance towards post area.

Pivot this calculated
Hypotenuse length over
post area until the two
lengths match.

This produces a true
right angle.

Use this calculator to
make a true right
angle on a fence corner.


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