Raised Garden Bed

Build a raised garden
Plans are provided,
along with pictures.

Raised Garden

Raised Garden Bed
Plans and Instructions.

Garden Bed
raised garden bed, side view

raised garden bed, front view

Raised Garden
Bed Instructions.

Build a raised garden bed
with dimension lumber.

Raised garden bed is
4 x 4 feet square.

Height is 14.5 inches.

Material Required

Two 2 x 8, eight feet

Two 2 x 8, 12 feet

Five 2 x 4, ten feet

Cut to size.

Eight 2 x 8, four feet

Two 8 foot 2 x 8s in

Two 2 x 2, six feet

2 x 4 ripped in half.

Four 2 x 4 Railings.
Ends cut at 45 degrees.

One 2 x 2, 45 inches long.
2 x x4 ripped in half.

Four 2 x 4, 14-1/2

One centered upright
on each side of bin.

28 slats 55 inches long.
Approx. 3/8 x 1/2 inch.
Spaced 3-1/2 inches.

Screws - Nails

3-1/2 inch deck screws

3 inch deck screws.

1 inch nails (air gun).

Line bottom of bin with
cardboard to prevent
weeds growing into soil.

If using untreated wood,
line inside of bin to slow
down any rotting.


Drill pilot holes and
countersink each
screw hole.

Plane off all rough edges.


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Raised Garden Bed
Plans, and Instructions,
at findnchoose.

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