Understanding MPG

The benefits of using MPG
over liters per hundred,
to monitor fuel economy.


MPG Stands for Miles per
Gallon, using the Imperial
Measurement system.

A Vehicle will go many miles
on one gallon of gasoline.
MPG or miles per gallon
gives us a window into
viewing how well a vehicle
performs relating to fuel

Miles per gallon was the
standard fuel measurement,
then the country went

Now a liter is the standard
fuel measurement.

A liter is much smaller
than an Imperial gallon,
it takes 4.546 liters to
make one Imperial gallon.

The comparison between
gallons and liters, would
be like; how many
kilometers to the liter.

This expression never caught
on, instead the accepted
measurement is how many
liters per hundred kilometers.

If anyone is concerned
about his or her vehicles
fuel economy, they need
a better way to track their
vehicles fuel performance
than liters per hundred

Something easy to use,
an uncomplicated process
to keep watch on their
vehicles fuel consumption.

The MPG calculator is still
the better choice.

This online mpg calculator

MPG Calculator

works well too keep watch
over your vehicles fuel

It is there to use, it will
keep you informed of
any gain or loss of fuel
economy between fill

The web site also provides
tips to help get better gas

Liters per Kilometer
varies as you drive, so
it is not a very good
overall measurement of
fuel economy.

Consider when you go
down a hill and gear down
the fuel measurement
gauge could show a
change from 7.0 to 8.6
or higher, even through
your foot was off the
gas pedal.

Using miles per gallon and
calculating the true mileage
you are getting per
tank full is very meaningful.

People want to know how
far their vehicle is capable of
traveling on a tank of gas.

Too use this calculator the
kilometer odometer plays
a key role.

On your next fill-up set
the A or B odometer choice
to zero.
To do this, press and hold
the setting knob until it
resets to zero.

You are now ready to start
keeping track of your
vehicles fuel economy,
starting at the next fill-up.

On every fill-up from now
on, enter the amount of
liters, cost of fuel and
amount of kilometers into
the mpg calculator.

At the push of a button on
the calculator, the mpg
calculator will translate all
this information into
miles per gallon, cost per
mile, cost per kilometer
and liters per hundred

Keep the MPG figure for
your next fill-up, when you
enter this, the calculator
will now also provide you
with a gain or loss percent
in fuel economy.


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