Mirror Hanging

how to hang a mirror flat
to the wall and without
the use of wire or hooks.


Instructions to hang
a mirror
framed mirror

Mirror Hanging

The wall shiplap half
joint in place on wall
mirror hanging

The wire and hook method
of hanging a mirror causes
a mirror to tip forward at
the top, it also is very
unstable on the wall,
especially a heavy mirror.

The solution offered here is
a wooden shiplap joint
hanger, to secure the mirror
to the wall.

This hanging arrangement
causes the mirror to be
secure and level to the wall.

Remove any old retaining
screw or nail holes and
fill with drywall compound.
Then sand and paint.

This example framed mirror
has a deep fifty degree
angled frame, which gives
the back of the mirror
a one and a quarter inch
deep recess.

To remove the mirror off
the wall simple lift upward
one inch, and pull the mirror
towards you.

The wall hanger shiplap is
shown in place on the
back of the mirror.

Shiplap joint in place on the
backside of the mirror

mirror hangers

To, make the hanger strips,
take a two by four and
cut it in length, to the width
of the frame.

Cut the 2x4 down the middle
length-wise, to make two

Use the 2x2s to make the
shiplap joint.

Cut a 3/4 by 3/4 inch
edge notch the full
length of the 2x2s.

Cut the combined 2x2s
shiplap joints thickness,
so the joint will fit level in
behind the mirror, with
just a little play.

Plane the edges of the
shiplap joint, and lightly
sand all the pieces.

Place the one half shiplap
joint onto the wall, and
the other half on the
backside of the mirror.

Cut the behind the frame
shiplap joint ends at
fifty-degree angle to
match the frame, or to
whatever the frame

Apply glue to the end
of the joint, place the
hanger one third of the
way from the top of the
frame, install to the frame
with two five eights inch

Use screws to attach the
wall hanger to the wall,
find at least one wall
stud to secure too.

Countersink the screw
holes, so the screws are
below the surface of the
shiplap wood.

If there is no stud to
secure to, place a drywall
screw type fastener into
the drywall.

Level the hanger, and
screw down the shiplap

Place the mirror to the
wall and lower onto the
shiplap joint.
For a good fit, shim the
shiplap, if necessary

Shiplap Joint

Top shiplap joint on
mirror, lower joint
on wall
shiplap joint


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