Mini Fuse Calculator

Calculate circuit amperage,
measuring voltage across
mini fuse.

Mini Fuse

Fuse 5 A: MV

Fuse 7.5 A: MV

Fuse 10 A: MV

Fuse 15 A: MV

Fuse 20 A: MV

Fuse 25 A: MV

Fuse 30 A: MV


5 Amp Fuse: MA

7.5 Amp Fuse: MA

10 Amp Fuse: MA

15 Amp Fuse: MA

20 Amp Fuse: MA

25 Amp Fuse: MA

30 Amp Fuse: MA

Using this Mini
Fuse Amperage

Measure across mini fuse,
enter mini voltage to find
mini-amperage in circuit.

If newer vehicle place
key fob in metal container
so it can't talk to car
computer while testing.

Tape off driver side door
light switch.

Place remote starter in
maintenance mode.

Keep in mind one side
of fuse will be positive,
you may have to reverse
test probes.

Typical Subaru fuse panels.

Under Hood Panel
Subaru mini fuse under hood chart

1-30A, ABS unit Vehicle
Dynamics Control Unit.

2-25A, Main Fan Cooling

3-25A, Sub Fan Cooling

4 - Empty.

5-25A, Audio.

6-30A, Headlight Low Beam.

7-15A, Headlight High Beam.

8-20A, Back-Up.

9-15A, Horn.

10-25A, Rear Window Defogger,
Mirror Heater.

11-20A, Fuel Pump.

12-29A, Continuously Variable
Transmission Control Unit.

13-7.5A, Engine Control Unit.

14-15A, Turn and Hazard
Warning Flasher.

15-15A, Tail and Illumination

16-7.5A, Alternator.



19-15A, Headlight Low
Beam Right Side.

20-15A, Headlight Low
Beam Left Side.

Inside Cabin Panel
Subaru mini fuse  in cabin chart

1-20A, Trailer Hitch Connector.

2-15A, Rear Seat Heater.

3-15A, Door Locking.

4-19A, Front Wiper Deicer

5-10A, Combination Meter.

6-7.5A, Remote Control
Rear View Mirror, Seat
heater Relay.

7-15A, Combination meter,
integrated unit.

8-10A, Stop Light.

9-15A, Front Wiper Deicer.

10-7.5A, D-Op +B.

11-7.5A , Turn Signal Unit.

12-15A, Transmission Control
Unit, Engine Control Unit.

13-29A, Accessory Power
Outlet Center Console.

14-15A, Parking Light, Tail
Light, Rear Combination

15-10A, Luggage Light
Keyless Unit.

16-7.5A, Illumination.

17- 15A, Seat Heaters.

18-10A, Backup Lights.

19-7.5A, Wiper Relay.

20-10A, Accessory Power
Outlet Instrument Panel.

21-10A, Starter Relay.

22-7.5A, Air Conditioner,
Rear Window Defogger
Relay Unit.

23, Empty.

24-10A, Audio Unit, Navigation
System if equipped.

25-15A, SRS Airbag System.

26, Empty.

27-15A, Blower Fan.

28-15A, Blower Fan.

29-15A, Fog Light.

30, Empty.

31-7.5, Auto Air-Conditioner
Unit, Integrated Unit.

32-7.5A, Clutch Switch,Steering
Lock Control Unit.

33-7.5A, Vehicle Dynamics
Control Unit.


Subaru mini fuse test points

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