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Enjoy Your Kitchen.

Kitchen Tips

Easily Clean Burnt
Food Off a Frying Pan

Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon of
baking soda into the pan,
add about one inch of water
to the pan, bring to a boil.

The burnt food will dislodge,
making for an easy cleanup.

Cleaning Fridge Freezer

To keep the cleaning cloth
from sticking, add 1/8 cup
alcohol to your cleaning

Onions and Tears

To prevent tears while cutting,
peeling and chopping onions,
simply do all the handling
of onions under the exhaust
fan of the stove, or wear
shop goggles.

Increase Shelf-life

To increase shelf-life of green
onions, lettuce and celery,
wrap them in dry paper towel
before storing in a closed
plastic bag, in the fridge.

Salmonella and
Egg Shells

When cracking egg shells,
put the discarded eggshells
into a nearby bowl.

The egg shells can be
carried to the garbage
without dripping any egg
onto the floor.

Egg dripping on the floor
can promote the
development of
salmonella bacteria.

When it dries and you
vacuum clean the floor,
bacteria could be driven
into the air causing a
health problem.

Federal researchers
estimated that more than
130,000 people are
sickened every year and
30 die as a result of
contaminated eggs.

e-Coli Bacteria,

When frying raw chicken or
other raw meats consider
periodically changing the
stirring utensil as you cook.

The utensil used to stir,
could pick up bacteria
from the raw meat and
transfer it to the cooked
meat. Changing utensils will
prevent this from happening.

Dish Cloth Tips

Fold your cleaning cloths
in half and then again, this
gives you eight cleaning
surfaces before you have
to rinse it again.

Hang the dish cloth after
use to air dry, this will help
prevent bacteria from

Wet Piled dish cloths in a
heap, makes the perfect
condition for breeding

How to Remove a
Stove Drawer

Did you know that the
drawer under most electric
stove is removable?

Pull, lift up and remove.
Now you can easily clean
under the stove.

How to Deal
With Pests in
Kitchen Cupboards

To discourage pests in your
cupboards, clean the shelves
and put a small bowl of whole
cloves will discourage pests,
and create a nice smell in
the kitchen.

How to Clean Dish
Drying Racks

Dish drying racks by the sink
with all their tiny crevices
are difficult to clean.

Put the rack into a
dishwasher, it does a
marvelous job of cleaning.

The fan filter screen above
the stove can be cleaned in
the same way.

How to Clean a
Microwave Cabinet

To clean the inside of the
microwave, put a cup of water
with a little lemon juice in it.
Turn on and let boil until you
can see vapor on the door
window. Open and give a
quick wipe.

How to Remove
Mineral on a Facet

To clean mineral that
accumulates around taps,
soak paper towel in vinegar
and wrap the wet paper
towel around the fixtures,
let stand for an hour,
but no longer, as the
faucet finish could be
The mineral will just
wipe off easily.

Kitchen Built In
Soap Dispensers

It is not necessary to
remove the soap container
under the sink each time
to refill it.

To fill the soap dispenser,
lift the pump out of the
container, and refill the
container from up top,
using a small funnel.

Use a measuring cup to
pour in the right amount
of soap each time, usually
just under two cups.

Kitchen Heat
Cooking Tip

In Hot weather consider
using a slow cooker crook

If possible plug it in outside
on the patio or balcony
and you will not be heating
up the house.

If a Dish Is
Microwave Safe

Place the dish in the
microwave oven, along with
a cup half-full of water.
Turn the oven on for 1 minute.
Open the door and carefully
touch the dish, without the
water, if it is hot, it is not
microwave save.

Do not run the oven empty,
it can damage the magnetron

2- 2- 4 Food Rules

When food comes out of the
oven, serve and eat within
two hours.

When putting left overs in
the fridge, food must be
no thicker than two inches
on a tray, for proper cooling
and can be stored for up to
three days.

To use thoroughly reheat
leftovers before consumption.

Left overs can be frozen and
will last up to four months.

How to Mix
peanut Butter

Do you hate trying to mix
the oil into the peanut butter?
Next time turn the peanut
butter jar upside down and
let sit for a couple days.
The oil normally near the
bottom of the jar, will now
work its way down into the
peanut butter and make it
much easier to mix

Leaking food
While Shopping

When picking up meat
wrapped in plastic, always
place it into a produce
plastic bag.

Wrapped meat often Leaks
and the juices could
contaminate everything else
in your shopping cart.

Wash Hands Before
Preparing Food

Make it a rule. Always wash
your hands before handling
or preparing food.

If you sneeze, cough or
blow your nose, go to the
bathroom and wash your
hands before continuing.

Cutting Boards

Never use a wooden cutting
boards to cut raw meat on,
the bacteria can get into
cracks and the grain of the

Synthetic boards are best for
cutting raw meat on as
they can be easily washed.

Use a separate cutting board
for cutting produce.

Using Microwaves

A team of engineering researchers
at the University of Florida found
that two minutes of microwaving
on full power killed or inactivated
more than 99 percent of bacteria,
viruses or parasites, as well as
spores, on a kitchen sponge.

People often put their sponges
and scrubbers in the dishwasher,
but if they really want to
decontaminate them and not
just clean them, they should
use the microwave.
Make sure sponge, dishcloth etc.
is damp before putting into
a micro-wave.


The refrigerator temperature
should be set just below 40
degrees Fahrenheit. Above
40 bacteria begins to grow
and below 32, your food will
begin to freeze. Produce will
be the first to freeze.

Safe cooking

Cook ground beef to a
temperature of 165 degrees
Fahrenheit. It is a good idea
to use an internal type of

When cooking stuffed chicken
or turkeys, aim for an internal
temperature of 165 and a
temperature of 190 degrees
for the outer meat.

Best Tasting Coffee

To get the smoothest, best
tasting coffee, use unbleached
paper filters, even in your
percolator. Add a pinch of
salt to the coffee grounds to
enhance the flavor.

How to Save Money
During Holidays

From the middle of December,
grocery stores hike up their
prices up to 25%.
Buy all your groceries for
Christmas early.

You can freeze half-and-half
cream and milk, shake well
when thawed.

Buy all your apples, as they
can be stored in a cold
place or fridge for at least a
couple weeks.

Vegetables such as carrots,
beets, potatoes, cabbage,
and Brussels sprouts can
also be stored early.

Canned items like cranberry
sauce, pie filling, etc. can
be purchased on sale any
time after Thanksgiving,
also a good time to pick up
your turkey; triple wrap it
in plastic and freeze.

Sticking Waffles

To prevent waffles from
sticking to the waffle iron,
add 1/2 cup of coarse
cornmeal (purity Cornmeal)
to your waffle recipe.

Cleaning Floors

Clean laminate and hardwood
floors with the product Natural,
works great.

Protect Yourself
from Germs
and Viruses

When using a shopping cart,
do not rub your nose or your
eyes with your hands, as the
cart handle could have virus
from people who are affected.

People affected with viruses,
blow their nose, touch a runny
nose, sneeze and introduce
viruses to the handle of the

As soon as you walk into your
home, wash your hands with
soap and water.

If you want to be really
careful during flu season,
wear gloves while shopping.

If you really need to rub
your nose while shopping,
use the back of your hand.

Shopping Carts Study

According to studies done on
shopping carts, more than 60%
of them are harboring coli
form bacteria (same bacteria
found on public toilet seats).

These bacteria may be coming
from raw foods or from
children who sit in the carts,
according to Chuck Gerba,
a PH.D., a microbiologist at
the University of Arizona.

Just think about the fact
that a few minutes ago
some kids bottom was
where you are putting your

Women's Purses,
What You Should Know

Experts say you should think
of your purse the same way
you would a pair of shoes.

If you think about putting a pair
of shoes onto your countertops,
that is the same thing you're
doing when you put your purse
on the countertops - your purse
has gone where every
individual before you has spat,
coughed, urinated, emptied
bowels especially in washrooms.

Small Cleaning Areas

Use an old toothbrush for
cleaning in tight or small

Healthy Eating
Guide Lines

Nutrient Dense Foods keeps
you going from meal to meal,
without craving in-between

Eliminate empty calorie foods
that convert almost instantly
into fat.

When the body sugars get
out of balance, it creates
sugar cravings.

Too break this craving, add
cinnamon to your diet.
Cinnamon balances the
sugars in your body and
stops the cravings.

All you will need is a couple
tea-spoons of cinnamon
throughout the day.

The bodies appestat, has the
ability to tell it, when the
correct amount of food is

When the appestat is not
working, a person does not
feel they have eaten enough.
The body will want to snack
all evening.

Eat food in a slow consistent
fashion, not hurried.
Good solid nutritious foods
set the appestat, white sugary
foods upset the sugars and
appestat in the body.

Clean up your diet. Cut out
trans-fats and saturated fats,
start reading labels and
start using extra-virgin olive
oil in place of saturated fats.

Cut out all white foods and
add more wholegrain. Focus
more on eating fruits and

Eliminate sugar, pop and
deserts from your diet.

You get all the sugar your body
needs from the fruit you eat.

Very ripe bananas are not
recommended, as they are
loaded with sugar. Instead,
eat apples, and choose
organic. Grapefruit, oranges,
pineapple, melons, avocados,
etc. which have thick skin
do not need to be organic.

Eat a good breakfast, missing
breakfast sets you up for
snacking, right up to bedtime.

Snacking causes your blood
sugars to rise and fall in an
un-stabilized fashion which
increases the cravings.

MSG causes you to overeat
and makes you addicted to
the food.

Check the labels when grocery
shopping and ask if restaurants
use MSG when eating out.

Other food additives that contain
MSG are Hydrolyzed Vegetable
Protein, Plant Protein Extract,
Calcium Caseinate, Yeast Extract,
Textured Protein, and Hydrolyzed
Oat Flour.

In the evening if you crave
snacks, treat yourself to
some psyllium fiber. Psyllium
husks contain 66% soluble
and 34% insoluble fiber.

Psyllium husks keep you
regular and are a good weight
loss supplement.
One tablespoon mixed into
eight to sixteen ounces of
water, will help to make you
feel full.

The extra benefits are it may
help to lower your cholesterol
and stabilize blood sugars.

Start with a small amount, as
some people are allergic to
psyllium husks.

Check at your grocery store,
or local health food store for
this product.


The best form of exercise is
one that you can enjoy,
because it helps you to continue
with your exercises.

Try to include some
cardiovascular exercise such
as walking, resistance
training and always follow
up with some form of

Learn your limitations, rest
when you need to, push
yourself when you feel you
can. Set regular and
reasonable fitness goals.


To clean a cutting board, after
cutting onions, sprinkle with
salt, and wash with cold water.

When filling a salt or pepper
shaker than fills from the
bottom, place a piece of tape
across the top before turning

While at the check out in a
grocery store, notice what
others have in their baskets,
and note their physical

When surrounded by junk food
or snacks in the grocery store,
you do not have to buy it or
eat it.

At times, make your desert
your main meal. You can eat
more desert than you usually
have, and enjoy it.

Clean up spills right away,
this will prevent someone
from slipping and
hurting themselves.

Do not leave dirty dishes
laying around, this will
attract flies and the
uneaten food will breed

Use a kitchen trash bin
with a lid to deposit scraps
and discards.

Use separate cutting boards
for meat and vegetables.

Change dishcloths and towels
regularly to prevent the
build up of bacteria.

Use paper towel to clean
up spills on the floor or
for items like raw eggs.


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