Kitchen Pot Volume

Calculate a Kitchen Pot
Liquid Capacity.

Kitchen Pot

Entry Form

Width: Inches

Height: Inches


Full: ml

Full US: Liquid Ounces

Full Imp.: Liquid Ounces

Using This Kitchen
Pot Liquid Calculator

Enter Pot Width In Inches.

Enter Pot Height in Inches.

If measurements need
to be accurate, use
the decimals as needed,
provided below.

Use a Ruler to Measure
Width and Height in

This calculator will
work with any straight
sided Pot.

To calculate a half full
pot, measure the
height from bottom
of pot, to the top of
the Liquid.

This Calculator is
Intended for
Approximate Guidance.

Decimal Measurements.
1/32=.0312, 1/16=.0625,
1/8=.125, 1/4=.25, 1/2=.5
5/8=.625, 3/4=.75. 7/8=.875.


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