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How to Clean a Mass
Air Sensor

Clean the mass air sensor
on a 2006 Honda Accord.

MAF Sensor

Honda Accord 2.4 Engine

A mass air flow sensor maintains
fuel efficiency, and the engines
best power performance.

The MAF, mass air measuring
sensor is located between
the air cleaner and intake

It is a black plastic box that
attaches to the the air intake
delivery pipe.

The MAS works in conjunction
with a computer to deliver
the right amount of fuel to
air ratio that enters the
combustion chamber to get
the most power, and
efficiency out of the engine.

mass air flow sensor cleaning instructions

Mass Air Flow Sensor
Cleaning Instructions

A dirty MAF sensor will rob
the engine of power, and
causes a fault code in the
vehicle computer.

This example uses a 2006
Honda Accord with a 2.4

The symptoms of a poorly
functioning mass air flow
sensor are hesitation on
acceleration, engine stumbles
on acceleration.
No torque at a standing start,
or slow climb on a steep

The engine runs very lean,
and sometimes there is
usually an improvement in
gas mileage.

The engine is running on the
bare fuel necessary to run,
this leanness could lead to
burnt valves and a damaged

The trouble indicator light on
the dash indicates a problem,
a trouble code read-out
would show a trouble code
of P0171, system too lean.

Mass Air Flow Sensor

A mass air flow (MAF) sensor
is used on all engines to
measure the amount of air
flowing through the intake

The information is used by
the ECM to calculate the
air/flow mixture.

The MAF has a platinum
hot wire, a thermistor,
and a control circuit in
a small plastic housing.

The hot wire and thermistor
detect any change in the
intake air temperature.

The hot wire is maintained
at a set temperature.
This temperature is
controlled by the current
flow through it

The current is measured as
an output voltage, that
is sent to the ECM.

A failed MAF meter sets
a diagnostic trouble code
P0171, (system too lean).

mass air flow sensor cleaning instructions

Remove and Clean

To remove and clean a
MAF it takes about a half
an hour.

Unclip the wire from the
Remove the device to
clean it.

It is fragile, so handle
with care.
A Philip screw driver is
required to remove the
screws of the MAF.

A MAF spray cleaner is
required to clean the device.
No objects are inserted into
the device, as it has very
fragile parts inside.

Wear safety glasses, and
latex gloves, remove the
MAF that is held in place by
two Philip screws, and
hold it securely in your hand.
Squirt MAF cleaner into the
device from all directions

Do this three or four times.
Keep your face to the side,
as the spray may come
back out with the
compressed air of the
spray can.

Never use any other type of
spray, only use maf sensor
spray as it doesn't leave any
residue and dries quickly.
Re-install the devices, do not
over tighten.

If the MAF unit is not faulty,
a marked improvement in
performance should be
noted after cleaning.

Code P0171

Possible Troubles Which
Set a P0171 Code.

1/ Injector blockage.

2/ Air intake hose loose.

3/ Fuel line pressure leak.

4/ Oxygen sensor malfunction.

5/ Engine coolant temperature

Most of these are expensive
fixes. Start with cleaning the
MAF, this is the least
expensive fix, and may be
the only trouble.

The MAF sensor is very delicate,
handle with care.

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