Hat button Removal

How to remove
that dreaded cap

Hat Button

cap showing hat button

Cap Button

Remember the last time
you bumped the top of
your head?

If you wear a cap, you
must have, at least a
couple of times.

The button, squatcho,
on top of the cap, when
bumped, drives the
inside metal rivet into
the top of your head,
and always the exact
same spot.

Do your self a favor
and remove the metal
button, get rid of the
repeating pain.

I know the button looks
smart, but is it worth the

Removing metal button
removing metal button on top of a cap

Take a cutter pliers and
gently squeeze and
nibble, around the
button a couple of times.

Do not try to cut off,
simply allow the pliers
to pry apart the rivet,
it easily comes apart.

Flip the hat over and
remove the offending
metal rivet.

Metal button removed
metal button removed from top of cap

With the metal button
removed, you will never
experience the metal
rivet driven into the top
of your head again.

What a relief!


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Removal of the cap
metal rivet button
on top of a hat,
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