Enviro Gas 828 Fireplace

Instructions to clean
the glass window
in your Enviro Gas
828 Fireplace.

Enviro 828
Gas Fireplace

Enviro gas 828 fireplace.
Enviro gas 828 fireplace

Cleaning Instructions

Pull forward the Enviro 828
control panel tray in front of
the controls, to reveal the
control knob.

Turn the control knob to
the off position to shut
the gas off.

Enviro gas 828 controls

Open the two side panels, they
are held by magnets at the
bottom of each panel.

Only a slight pull is required
to open the side doors.

There is one holding bolt on
the right side holding the
swinging front glass
window panel of the unit.

The picture shows the 1/2
inch open end wrench in place.
Lift the wrench upward to
unscrew (counter clock wise).
Once the bolt is loosened,
unscrew with finger pressure.

Enviro gas 828 side panel

Open the front panel, wipe
the glass with a damp cloth,
there is only a light white
powder to remove.

Remove the imitation logs
and clean the interior, use
a damp cloth and vacuum
where you can.

Place the longer imitation log
back into the unit, there are
two studs on the front for
placement, the placement
studs drop into holes to keep
it in place.
The two smaller logs are placed
on top of the longer log,
using the guide studs for

Swing the front door shut and
secure with the holding bolt
on the right hand side of the

Tightened the holding bolt by
hand while the door is
pushed closed, tighten the
bolt finger tight, then use the
wrench tighten about one
half turn more.

Close the two side panels held
shut by the magnets.
Vacuum the back underside of
the unit.

On the control panel turn the
control knob to pilot, press
the knob in and press the
spark button several times to
light the pilot flame.

Once lit, the knob is held in
the pressed position for one

The knob is released and
turned to a setting.

If the pilot flame will not light
with the spark device, wait
five minutes to let any gas
disperse, then while holding
the pilot knob in, light the
pilot flame with a match.


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