Garage Tile Calculator

Calculate the quantity
and cost of tiles
for a garage.

Garage Tile

Entry Form

Garage Length: In feet

Garage width: In feet

Cost:One Box


Garage: Square Feet

Tile Boxes: Required

Cost:$ Total

Tile Cost:$ Square Foot

Tax not included.

Using this Garage
Tile Calculator.

This calculator, calculates
the quantity of Moto Floor
Modular tiles for a garage

Enter length and width
of garage in feet.

Enter cost of one box
of Moto Floor modular
garage tile

$179.99 per box of tiles
as 179.99


Add ten percent to cover
trimming waste, and error,
go up to the next even

Tile comes as 12 tiles per
box, 48 square feet.

Tile comes as four tiles
clipped together.

They can be unclipped
into four one foot square


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Costco Garage Flooring
Tile Calculator,
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