Horizontal Wood Fence
Estimator Calculator

Calculate the material
and cost to build a
horizontal rail fence.



Entry Form

Fence Length: Feet

Rail Length: feet

Rail Number: 1,2,3, etc.

Cost of Post:$ Each Post

Cost of Rail:$ Each Rail


Rails Tot.:

Posts Tot.:

Posts Cost:$

Rails Cost:$

Fence Cost:$

Tax not included

Using this Rail
Fence Calculator.

Enter length of fence
in feet.

Enter number of rails
between posts.

Enter cost of rail and post.

This calculator is based on
a fence where the rails
butt up to the posts.

If the rails are butted up
along side of the post more
materials is required.

Example when butted up to
the post.

With 8 ft. rails, and 4 inch
posts, a foot of rail less is
required every 3 posts.

Every 192 feet, one section
of rails less is required,
which means less rails are

Round off to the next higher
even number in the


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