Dry Brined Turkey Recipe

Best Ever Brined Turkey

Dry Brined

Better than wet brined
turkey, no large container
to deal with.

This recipe will brine a
14-16 pound turkey.

Dry Brined Turkey

Kosher salt, medium grind
(2 Tbsp)

Dried Sage ( 1 tsp)

Rosemary (2 tsp)

Dried Thyme (2 tsp)

Garlic Granules ( 1/2 tsp)


1/ Defrost the turkey for
two or three days in the
refrigerator, or a cool place
where the temperature is
just a tiny bit below 40
degrees Farenheit.

2/ Brining the bird.
It couldn't be simpler to

Wash the turkey and pat

Sprinkle the bird with the
salt and spice mixture.

Do the front, back and
sides, then sprinkle the
remainder into the cavities.

3/ Place the turkey into
a very large, clean
plastic bag
(obtain from a butcher),
then seal, wash hands
and slip the bagged
bird into another clean
plastic bag and seal.

4/ Refrigerate for two
or three more days.

After a day or so you
might see some liquid
in the bag.
Don't worry as salt naturally
pulls moisture from the

5/ Each day remove turkey
from refrigerator and
lightly massage through
the bag to make sure
the salt is distributed

Turn it each day, front
to back, then back to front.

6/ Place the turkey back
into the refrigerator.

7/ After three days you
will see the moisture has
been absorbed back into
the meat, pulling the
salt and spices with it.

8/ Remove from bag and
put into the roaster, set
the oven to 450 degrees
Farenheit to get the
browning going.
Then after a half-hour or
so, reduce the heat to
325 F.

Brining is now complete
and ready to roast.

Note: A brined bird will
cook faster than an
un-brined one.


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