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Door Security,
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Door Jammer

As crime increases it is
important to have anti-crime
devices in place.


A door is the most
prominent access point
for burglars to enter
a home.

An elderly lady went to
stay with her daughter for
Christmas, when she
returned home she found
that a side door and a
rear door, both out of
view of the public, had
been jarred in an attempt
to enter the home.

The door security device
held, and the doors could
not be opened, she had
jammed a wooden 2x4
between the floor and
door knob before she
left home.

The instructions provided
here explains how to
build and use this simple,
yet sturdy security device,
which prevents the
opening of a closed door.

This device can be made
to work with just about
any door, and should be
used on all doors that are
hidden from street view.

Safe Home Tips.

If you are going to be away
from your home, do not tell
people that do not need to

Instruct your children not
to tell their friends, friends
tell friends.

This includes the guy at the
service station, the person at
the checkout, a barber, they
do not need to know.

A empty house is a burglars

Burglars typically first case a
home before returning,
they will look it over noting
the entry and escape routes.

They find out how many
people reside in the home,
note their life patterns,
who goes, who comes and
what is consistent.

They always keep their
eye open for little dogs.
The little dog is your best
deterrent, because they
never stop barking, and
barking dogs get the
neighbors attention.

A burglar usually will knock
loudly on the door or ring
a door bell to see if anyone
is home.

When you answer the door
they will pretend to
solicit something, or ask
if a certain person lives
here, or ask for directions,
or apologize for knocking
at the wrong house.

If you do not hear them
at the door, they may
think no one is home
and break in,
with you in the house.

The burglar is mainly after
small expensive items or

A quick trip to the master
bedroom can lead to
jewelry, cash and small
expensive electronic

The shorter the time spent
in the home, the less
chance to get caught.

The burglar feels there is
less chance to get caught,
by entering from the back
of the home, out of view
from neighbors and people
passing by.

30 seconds is all that is
needed to enter a home.
French doors and sliding
doors are quick access

If you are going away for
some time, have a friend or
neighbor pick up your
newspapers and mail daily.
Nothing is worse than a
pile of newspaper at the
front door, which shows
that no one is home.

Have a neighbor throw a
bag of his garbage into your
garbage can, and push it
out to the curb, and
return it on garbage
collection day.
This shows that someone
is home.

Do not leave that big
cardboard box that the new
flat screen TV came in, or
anything else new, outside
where everyone can see it.

This is inviting a burglar.
Rip the cardboard boxes
into smaller pieces and
place in a black plastic bag,
you can later take it to a
cardboard recycle depot.

If there is a special occasion
like a wedding or funeral
mentioned in the newspaper
that you will be attending,
have a friend keep an eye
on your house while you
are away. Burglars read the
newspapers too.

In the winter and you are
away, arrange for a neighbor
to clean your sidewalk, virgin
snow with no tracks is a
give away.

Have a neighbor open and
close the front window
curtains to indicate
someone is home.

If you have an alarm
system use it, so many
people do not take the
time to make use of it.

Making a Door

Shaping the top of the 2x4
door jammer

All that is required to build
this simple door jammer,
yet effect anti-crime device
is a piece of 2x4 lumber.

The length of the lumber is
very important, too short
and it is ineffective, too
long and it will slip, and
not hold.

The lumber needs to be
just long enough, that when
you kick the bottom in, it
jams and stays.

The length of the lumber
that is needed, depends
on the height of the
door knob.

When you build this device
start a little on the long
side and keep cutting a
little off, and trying it, u
until it works perfectly.
The average length is 38

Notch an oval groove on
the top of the 2x4 to fit
the door knob (see picture).
This keeps the lumber from
kicking out sideways when
anyone tries to bust in.

You can paint it if you like

To test for the correct length,
put the device in place and
slightly kick in the bottom
for a tight fit.

To remove, a slight jar should
be required, if a slight jar
is not required to the device
is too long. A loose jammer
can be knocked out of place
on a forced entry, or it may
simply just slide on the floor.

The bottom line is that the
security of a door does not
have to be difficult or


Does your car have an alarm,
if so, keep the key chain
near the bed. If someone is
trying to break into your
car, or your house, press
the panic button on the
car key module.
The alarm will draw the,
neighbors out, and chase
away the intruders..


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