Household Declutter

Instructions on how to
declutter your home.



Decluttering can seem like
an overbearing task.

Start small, work in one
room at a time, do a closet,
then a drawer at a time.

Aim for one room a day.

Get rid of all your old socks,
underwear, shirts, blouses
and sweaters.

If the elastics are gone,
get rid of these clothes.

Take all the clothes you
have not worn in
the last 2-5 years to a
thrift shop.

Someone else may find
use of these clothes.

Only keep a few favorite
sweaters; enjoy these, let
someone else enjoy the

Donate good used clothing
to the Salvation Army or
Value Village.

Sell items to earn extra
money, this is a good

Sell online through Craigs
list, or Kijiji, as they are
both generally free to use.

Have a garage sale, or sell
directly to a Pawn shop,
or secondhand store.

Get rid of anything old
in plastic, they will not
keep, plastic cracks and
become worthless over

Try and remove at least
one third of the objects
that any space can hold.

Get rid of all newspapers
and magazines.

If you are keeping them
for certain recipes and
articles, clip out the pages
three whole punch them
and store in a three ring

Go through your kitchen
cupboards and get rid of
all your excess cups,
bowls, dishes, and
miscellaneous items.

Keep what you have been
using in the last two years.

Get rid of all the out-dated
and partially full boxes,
bags, jars and bottles of
old food, condiments
and spices.

Go through all your old
bill receipts, income
tax forms and only keep
what the law requires,
usually seven years.

Get rid of all the older

If you have been storing
things for your grown
children, like old toys
and stuffed animals,
check with your children,
to see what they want
to keep, and get rid of
anything they do not.

Clean up computer related

Get rid of old computer
information, which you
can look up on the internet
and get the latest to date

Get rid of computer
out-dated books, empty
software and hardware

Get rid of any computer
device you have not
used in the past two
years and have no plan
of using in the future.

Computers and computer
device become obsolete
very quickly, and just
take up space.

Get rid of old ornaments
and souvenirs that no
longer are appreciated
or give you joy.

A good indicator of
appreciation, ask of yourself
while dusting, does this
item mean something to
me, do I get some joy
out of this, or am I just
going through the motion
of keeping it clean?

If there is no joy, then
it is time for it to go.

Get rid of old Christmas
decorations that are not

Only keep the best and
newest ones.

Get rid of old outdated
Christmas lights that
you are not using.

Get rid of anything that
needs repair or is broken
and have been laying
around for a long time.

Go through any storage
boxes, and if you have not
used any of these things
in the box in the last
five years, get rid of it
or donate it to a thrift

Some city dumps have
a free re-use section
where people can take
these items for other
people to re-use.

Also consider having a
garage sale, but be
prepared for a lot of work.

Get in the habit of
returning things to their
proper place, each time
you use something,
this will greatly add to
being organized.

If you find it very difficult
to make these decisions
on your own, get the
help of a friend with a
dispassionate eye to lend
a hand.


Once the home has been
decluttered, new habits,
and new organization skills
must be built, to stay

The family needs to develop
routines where clutter does
not start to pile up again.

Every member of the family
has to work together as a

Twice a year, stop and
evaluate where you are
with the clutter, then take
action, so the house stays


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