How to Repair a Damaged Brick Chimney

Chimney Brick Repair

Repair Chimney Bricks.


Brick Repair Instructions

Bricks flake, peel, crack
and split

The cause is usually water
seepage into the brick
interior, which freezes,
causing cracks, chipping,
and flaking.

It is important to repair the
damaged area of the bricks
before more water enters,
and causes further damage.

Inspect the capping around
the top of the chimney for
any cracks or missing

If there are cracks, clean
and coat the entire top
surface with a new coat
of concrete.

When working on the
chimney, place drop cloths
around the chimney, on
the roof to catch any
falling bits of broken bricks,
and concrete.

Use a chisel and hammer,
and remove all the
unstable, loose pieces of
concrete, broken or
cracked pieces of brick
from the chimney.

A solid base is necessary
to make lasting repairs.

To work on the veneered
type brick (thin slices),
make up a couple of jigs
to help repair the broken

Cut a couple of wooden
strips 1/4 inch by
1/4 inch.

Measure the length and
height of the brick to be
repaired, and build the
jig to fit the chimney
( see photo).

Use fine finishing nails
to assemble the wood
strips, pre-drill the holes
for the nails.

Mix up a water mixture,
at a ratio of one portion
of bond well glue, or
another equivalent cement
bonding agents, to six
portions of water.

Mix well and paint all the
damaged chipped, flaked
brick areas, just before
you apply the premixed

Add what is left of the
glue solution, to the dry,
premixed bonding cement
mixture, this will make the
concrete water resistant.

Mix the cement so that
it is fairly stiff, but still
wet enough to stick

Place the jig onto the
chimney bricks (friction fit),
and use the premixed high
bonding concrete fill up
the hole, to the top of
the jig.

Trowel off any cement above
the jig, then by drawing the
trowel over the jig, with the
trowel at an angle, this
creates the design to make
the brick look natural.

Wait 5 to 10 minutes to
allow the cement mix to
stiffen, draw the trowel
along the surface of the
jig, for the finished look.

The steeper the trowel angle,
the rougher the surface
becomes; scraping it across
the top will give it a rough
grooved, brick-like texture.

If you have more than one
flaked brick to repair, work
on two bricks at a time.

Allow those two brick repairs
to set up before doing more.

Wait about half an hour for
the concrete to set up (cure),
before gently removing the jig.

Run your trowel or knife
around the inside edge of
the jig and slowly remove
the jig.

Wait another half hour
after the jig is removed
before lightly washing.

Carefully wash down the
bricks around the repaired
area with water, and a
brush, to remove any
splashed concrete.

Clean up any spilled
concrete, on the roof.

If you want a contrast
looking brick, go with the
natural color of the

If you want to match the
repaired brick color to
match the other bricks,
add color into the patch
cement, or paint the
repaired area at a later
Cinnamon color is about
the same color of the
bricks shown here.

Spray the repaired area
lightly with water for a
couple of days to prevent
the mortar from curing
too quickly.

If the area is in direct sun,
cover it with cardboard, or
plywood to provide shade.

Chimney repaired and painted


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