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Working with Concrete

Only use clean water, sand
and gravel.

Aim for a mix of:
1 part cement, 2-1/4 part
sand and 3 parts aggregate.

Mix the dry cement and
sand, add water, mix,
then add aggregate, and
more water as needed.

Cement mix should look
gray, not brown, and
water should not be freely
running on top.

Adjust the mix by adding
more water, cement or
sand as needed.

Concrete must be used
within 1-2 hours of mixing,
depending on temperature.

The sooner you work on it
after pouring, the easier
the job.

Avoid over-working any
poured concrete, as this
will weaken the concrete.

Sand shrinks in volume
when water is added,
so order a little more than
the dry volume.

Best time to work concrete
is early morning or late
afternoon, but be aware
there is a waiting time for
surface water to evaporate.

If you wait too long in
the afternoon to do the
job, it could end up late
in the evening, when you
will be toweling the concrete.

It takes a few weeks to
for concrete to reach 90
percent of its final strength.

Concrete that cures too
fast will crack, scale,
and flake, and lack strength
and durability.

If the weather is windy
or very hot, cover the
concrete to prevent the
quick evaporation, which
can cause cracks in the


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