Car Life Expectancy

Calculate how many
years of service your
car will provide.

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Car Life Expectancy

Calculate how many
more years your car
will last based on
past history.

On average a new vehicle
will last about 8 years or
about 150,000 miles
(241,000 km).

Using This Car
Life Calculator

Enter car year, todays
year, and mileage on

This calculator works
for cars and trucks
under 241,000 Km, or
150.000 miles.

This calculator calculates
the life of a car based on
how many miles were
driven in the past per year,
with a average life
expectancy of 241,000
Km or (150,000 miles.

It is possible for a vehicle
to go 300,000 miles or
more, but at that point
is it running on borrowed

This calculator does not
take into consideration
rust, misuse, or engine

Calculate how many
years of service is left
on your car, or truck,
at findnchoose.

Factors for longevity

Even a bad paint job can
affect how long one will
keep a vehicle.
If the paint starts peeling
and flaking off this can
be a consideration to
get rid of a vehicle, even
over mileage or any
other factor.

Trying to stretch out the
mileage between oil and
filter changes will affect
the life of the engine.
For the low price of oil
and filter, high mileage
between changes is not
a good option to aim for.
Engine oil starts to lose
its lubricating qualities
with each mile driven.

Changing the engine oil
at lower mileage will help
the engine to have a
longer life.

Short drives at lower
speeds will not allow an
engine to get up to a
correct temperature to
remove moisture and
fumes that could lead
to a build up of sludge
within the engine.

Sludge can contain wear
bearing particles that
cause corrosion within
the engine.

Continuous hard pulls
though deep snow or mud,
or heavy trailer pulls can
have an impact on the
life of a vehicle.

Driving on dirt and gravel
roads can have an impact
of the life of a vehicle.
Dust and gravel thrown up
can cause accelerated
damage to the vehicle.

At some point replacing a
vehicle may be the better
option because a repair bill
may be higher than you
wish to pay.

Driving on roads where
salt is used to melt the
snow will accelerate
corrosion of a vehicle,
shorting the life of
a vehicle.


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