Barbecuing a Chicken

Instructions to barbeque
a chicken
without burning.


a Chicken

When barbecuing chicken
the grill and temperature
must be correct or the
chicken will stick, burn,
or end up raw.

Follow these instructions
for a perfect cooked

Heat the grill to 300F,
(150c) degrees, set all
the burners equally.

If the grill has not been
cleaned, use a wooden
cleaning tool to scrape
the grill.

If you use a wire type
brush to clean it, be
careful not to leave any
metal particles of the
wire brush on the grill
that could stick to the

Best to scape down the
grill with a wood scaper.

Wipe down the grill with
half a potato, this will help
keep the chicken from
sticking to the grill.

Place the chicken parts
onto the grill, spacing
them evenly across
the grill, frozen is okay.

Cook for about ten
minutes, do not try
lifting prematurely, as
this will cause the
chicken to stick,
and rip.

After ten minutes gently
separate the chicken
from the grill, rotate
meat a quarter turn,
and place back on the
grill, to make a cross
hatch pattern.

After ten minutes, gently
lift all the pieces, and
place on the upper rack.

Re-oil the grill.

Flip the pieces over,
and place back onto
the grill.

Turn the heat down to
about 240F, (115c)
degree heat.

Watch the pieces for
even cooking.

The center of the grill
is the hottest spot on
the grill, the outer edges
the coolest.

Watch as the meat turns
from pink to white
around the edges, move
the pieces around so
they will cook, and finish
at the same time.

When one pieces is
cooking much faster
than the rest, move it
to the outer edge, or
place it on the upper
rack for a few minutes.

When the edges start to
show a slight burn it is
time to apply any salt,
pepper or barbecuing

Cook at a low heat
until done.

All the pink should be

Test by pressing with
your thumb into the
meat, the meat should
be taunt, not spongy.

You can also test by
cutting into the meat,
the meat should be
white throughout.


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