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Transposing Art Ratio

Entry Form

Original: In Inches

Transpose To: In Inches

New Value: To Transpose


New Size: In Inches

Decimal Convertion.
1/8 =.125
2/8 =.250
3/8 =.375
4/8 =.500
5/8 =.625
6/8 =.750
7/8 =.875

Using This Artist
Transposing Calculator.

Enter original size of main
object, and new size desired,
this sets the ratio for all
other measurements.
in inches.
(see above picures).

Now begin measuring
spots in the original
picture to transpose,
and enter in.

Start sketching using
this transposing ratio

Refer back to original for
measurements as you

Use new transposed
measurements for your

Detail Explanation

(see above pictures)

To establish the ratio you
want to measure (example)
measurement from one side
of the cat cheek to the other
in existing picture.

Enter this figure into the
entry form under
original size.

Enter in the desired new
transposed size into
the entry form.

These two values must
remain in the calculator
to keep the ratio for all
other measurements.

Now you can measure
different areas of the
original and calculate
the new dimensions for
your sketch.

This keeps the perception

Original measurement
1.5 inches.
New size wanted
3.75 inches.
A measurement of a eye
existing at .24 (1/4 inch).

The eye transposed
measurement becomes
.375 (3/8 inch).

Enter these new figures
into the calculator as
you draw.

Use the decimal scale
above to correspond to
1/8 inch measurements.

This calculator is intended
to help you get the
approximate transposing
measurement of the original.
It is a starting point.


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