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Fresh Water Aquarium
When it comes to the hobby
aquarium, the fresh water
one is the most popular.
It is well adapted to the
average home.

Water temperature is between
72 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because the home temperature
is around 72 degrees, a heater
kit is used to bring the

Plant life and a air pump is
used to oxygenate the water.

The fresh water aquarium
is very suitable for
beginners and tropical fish.

Other than treating the
water with a chlorine
remover, no other chemical
is usually needed.

The choice to have or not
to have special lighting
is yours, home lighting
alone is fine.

Coldwater Aquariums

The cold water aquarium
is just that, water at room
temperature, about 70 - 72
degrees Fahrenheit.
This environment is perfect
for fish like a goldfish.


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