FM Antenna Length

FM Antenna

Calculate the length of an
antenna to bring in the
stations loud and clear.

Dipole Half Wave Antenna

Entry Form

Frequency: In M Hertz

Total Length

Antenna Length: Meters

Antenna Length: Inches

The antenna can be located
outside, or inside the home.

If it is inside, just attach
it to the wall where your
receiver is located.

Using This FM Antenna

Enter frequency in MHZ.

L=C/F L=length of antenna.
C=Speed of light 2.998 x 10
to the power of 8.

Coax is 75 ohm
Twin lead wire (twin lead) is
300 ohm

If you use twin lead wire
(300 ohm) from the antenna
to your unit which has an
75 ohm input, you will need
a 300 ohm input transformer
to balance the antenna
impedence to your unit.

Most units have a 75 ohm

If you use a short coax
cable, no matching
transformer is required.


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