Alarm Panel Battery

Power Series

Instructions are provided
to change a failing battery
in a power series PC1616
security alarm system.

Security alarm systems
usually have a backup
battery to provide security
during an electrical failure.

Although the backup battery
only provides hours of
backup, that is usually
enough until the electrical
power is restored.

Batteries have a limited
life of 4 to 5 years, and
need to be changed

Battery Change Instructions

Changing the Battery
in a Power Series
PC 1616 Alarm Panel.

The battery in the power
Series PC 1616 is a 12 volt
4.0 ah.

Top view
Alarm Battery Top View

Side view
Alarm Battery Side View

A battery failure usually
occurs after a hydro power

The battery is a backup
for the alarm system,
until the hydro power

If the battery is failing it
will not be able to provide
the necessary power to
operate the alarm system.
This prompts a failing
battery alarm code.

When the hydro power
returns, the weak, failing
battery usually does not
accept recharging.

This is when the keypad
shows an amber diamond
led below the green check
mark led.

The battery needs to be
changed in order to reset.

When a battery failure
occurs, the alarm system
may lose the time and
date feature, and has
to be re programmed.

The key pad can show a
battery failure, even with
a new battery, until the
date feature is

Before changing the battery,
turn off the hydro power
before opening the alarm
panel cover.

Remove the failing battery,
and install the new one.

Place the red wire on the
term near the red mark
on top of the battery.

See battery pictures.
The wire leads have slip
on clips, just slip the wires
off the old battery and
onto the new one.

Place the panel cover on
and turn on the hydro

It will take several hours
for the new battery to
fully charge within the


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