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The phrase "don't cry over spilled
milk" was first used in1659,by a
writer named James Howell.

The meaning is, there is no point
in being upset, over what has
happened what is done, is done,
you can't change it.

Spilled Milk 11x24

I was sleeping when a vision came
into my dream, two cats, one black
with white dots, the other black with
white dots. I have no idea of the meaning,
if you have thoughts on this,
I would like to hear your

Vision 11x24

In the days of the Kings a widow
and her two sons were deep in debt
and were to lose her sons as
Bondmen to pay off the debt.
When the Prophet Elisha learned
of this he asked what she had
in the house; only a pot of oil
was the answer.

Elisha said go to their neighbors
and borrow jars, not a few.

The widow miraculously poured
oil from her pot, and filled all
the jars to the brim.

She sold some of the oil and
paid off her debt, and they
lived with what was left.

Not a Few 11x24

Calamity 16x20

Thunder 11x24

Small Duet 6.5 x 6.5

Wedding Dance 8x24

Fiddle 8x24

Over the moon 8x24

Koi 8x24

Kilroy was a 48 year old shipyard worker
during the war he checked on the number
of rivets completed.
The riveters got paid per rivet completed.
Kilroy would count a block of rivets and
put a semi-waxed lumber chalk check
mark, so the rivets wouldn't be counted
When Kilroy went off duty the riveters
would erase the mark so they could be
paid twice.
The foremen found out about this;
so to stop this practice Kilroy added
Kilroy Was Here, and later added the
sketch of the chap with the long nose
peering over the fence.
This became Kilroy's message. As a
result Kilroy's message was seen by
thousands of servicemen who boarded
the troopships. His message was picked
up all over Europe, and the South Pacific.

Kilroy 13x11

Spirit 11x13

Haste 11x13

Bless 11x13

Prayer 11x13

Inunnguaq 11x13

White Wall 8x24




Two Sided Street Sign



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