Samsung Electric Clothes
Dryer Repair

How to fix a Samsung
squealing clothes dryer.

Clothes Dryer

Samsung Clothes Dryer

Clothes Dryer

Unplug the dryer, move the
dryer where you can get at
the back of it.

Dryer Back Cover
Samsung Cothes Dryer

Remove the one screw
holding the vent pipe in
place and slide out the pipe.

Using a light, look into
the inside. If there is any
dust, vacuum it out.

Belt Tension Unit
Samsung Clothes Dryer

Lift the tension arm up
against the spring tension
and remove the belt.

Unscrew the tension arm
pivot screw, remove the
arm and unhook the spring.

Remove the tension arm unit.

Hook the spring onto the
new tension arm, hold the
arm in place and place the
screw, keeping in mind
that the screw has a raised
portion that fits into the arm.

Tighten the screw.

Lift the arm against the
spring tension and place
the belt back into position.

Pivot Screw

Slide the back cover into
place while looking down
the inside of the pipe to
line it up.

Note the two tabs on the
back cover go towards
the inside of the dryer.

Place the one holding screw
and you are done.


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