Nesco Food Dehydrator

How to repair a Nesco
food dehydrator.


Nesco Food Dehydrator
Nesco Food Dehydrator

When a electric dehydrator
stops working, the problem
is usually the cord, element,
switch, thermostat, or fuse.

The fuse in this device is a
heat fuse (129 degrees).

When the device overheats
the fuse blows and is not
reset able, and must be

Nesco Food dehydrator
bottom view
Nesco food dehydrator bottom view

Unplug the device to
work on it.

To remove the top cover
remove the screws marked
with the red dots.

Remove the knob and lift
off the top cover.

Unplug the two leads to
the thermostat switch.

Nesco Food dehydrator
taped bottom view
Nesco food dehydrator taped bottom view

To keep everything from
falling apart when you
remove the screws, tape
the bottom with masking

Nesco Food dehydrator
fuse view
Nesco food dehydrator fuse view

Remove the center
circle of shorter screws
and lift the fan assemble
to reveal the fuse.

Take a reading of the fuse
with an ohmmeter.

When you determine the
fuse is open it must be

With cutting pliers, cut the
fuse leads close to the
fuse so you have long
leads to attach the new
fuse to.

The fuse has a long and
short lead, connect the
longer lead to the point
near the heat element coil.

Not sure if this will make
a big difference, but it
keeps the fuse a little
further from the heat of
the element coil.

Nesco Food dehydrator
open view
Nesco food dehydrator open view

To put the unit back
together reverse the way
you took it apart.

Make sure the unit is into
the proper position, place
all screws, then tighten.

Keep in mind everything
is plastic, so don't overdo
the tightening.

Take pictures as you go
to relate to later.

Use a black marker to
mark pieces positions.

Reasons for a fuse to blow
is overloading the trays
and restricting the air flow,
or a fan motor overheating
because of worn-out age.


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