Jesus, Lord, God

Jesus Christ of the Bible

Lord God

King James Bible
King James Bible
To know Jesus, is to know the Father.

Jesus is God's image in the visible.

Jesus is God's representative.

Jesus is the Word, He is God.


In the beginning was the
Word, and the Word was
with God, and the Word
was God.

The same was in the
beginning with God.

All things were made by
him; and without him
was not any thing
made that was made.

In him was life; and the
life was the light of men.

And the light shineth in
darkness; and the
darkness comprehended
it not.

Benefits of Salvation

1/ All our sins have been
taken away, and we have
been given a new life.

2/ You lose the fear of death.

3/You trust Jesus as Lord,
more than man.

4/ We become cheerful givers.

5/ He heals us of many things.

6/ He frees us of addictions.

7/ He releases the hold of
money over us.

8/ You never feel alone again,
you have Him as your companion.

9/ All your requirements,
all His gifts are yours.

10/ You become the King's kid.

11/ He gives you His strengths
and gifts that renew you.

12/ He helps you find things.

13/ He gives guidance.

14/ He is interested in even the
smallest things we do.

15/ He is always willing to
help in all that we do,
we only have to ask.

16/ Our cup is full, pressed
down and running over
17/ All our needs and desires
are met in Christ Jesus.

18/ We enter into His rest,
we live by faith.

19/We have a sense of destiny.

20/ We are not weighted down
by the cares of this world.

21/ We are rich in Jesus Christ,
we lack nothing.

22/ Faith gives our live an
amazing new prospective
with great comfort.

23/ Even under stress we
feel the reality of Jesus Christ,
and His everlasting gift
of peace.

24/ He relieves us of anxiety,
and constant self concern.

25/ Because of faith nothing
is impossible, nothing withheld.

26/ The Lord is our shield,
He quenches the arrows.

27/ We walk free of any

28/ He gives us a future
with hope.
He has a promised outcome.

29/ We know when someone
tries to cause us not to
be free.

30/ We know that Jesus Christ
is are mediator in all things.

31/ With faith we walk in
Pease and are whole.

32/ We have harmony, are
calm, and trust in God.

33/ There is no such thing
as coincidence; the Lord
moves in mysterious ways.

Prayer of Salvation

Dear Lord Jesus, I am a
sinner, please forgive my
sins, come into my life
I pray.

May your love and person
be real to me, be my
personal Savior, guide my
life, help me to live a
healthy and safe life.

Help me to be the
person you want me to be.

Thank you Lord Jesus.


Four Things God
Doesn't Know

1/ God doesn't know a sin
He doesn't hate.

2/ God doesn't know a
sinner He doesn't love.

3/ God doesn't know of
a better plan than the
Cross of Jesus for

4/ God doesn't know of
a better day for salvation,
than today.

Helen Mallicoat

I was regretting the past
and fearing the future.

Suddenly my Lord was
My name is I AM.
He paused.
I waited.

He continued. When you
live in the past, with its
mistakes and regrets,
it is hard.

I am not there. My name
is not I was.

When you live in the
future, with its problems
and fears, it is hard.
I am not there.
My name is not I will be.

When you live in this
moment, it is not hard.
I am here. My name is

Encouragement For,
Mothers to Be.

Psalms 139:14
I will praise Thee; for I am
fearfully and wonderfully made:
marvelous are Thy works;
and that my soul knoweth
right well.

Jo 31:15
Did not He that made me
in the womb make him?
and did not one fashion
us in the womb?

This new soul in the womb
is written in God's book
in Heaven.

His or her life has been
planed from the
beginning of time.

Great love has planned
for your child.

Mystery of a Good Marriage

Men greatly need respect,
women need love.
If a man gets respect, he
gives love.
If a woman gets love, she
gives respect.
Men, Love your wife!
Women respect your
It is a win-win situation for

The LORD bless thee, and
keep thee:

The LORD make his face
shine upon thee, and be
gracious unto thee:

The LORD lift up his
countenance upon thee,
and give thee peace.

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