Honda Accord Radio
Security Code

How to locate and install
radio security codes.


Honda Accord Radio.
Honda car radio

Honda Accord Car Radio

A Honda Accord Radio has
ant-theft software built into it.
If the car battery is removed,
or disconnected for any reason,
the radio and DVD player will
not function.

When the battery is
re-connected and the radio is
turned on. The radio screen
will show Err.

The radio has its own five
digit security code and eight
digit serial number located
on the back of the radio.

The security code is usually
found in the glove box,
either in the vehicle manual
or on a sticker on one side of the
glove box.

How to Enter Radio
Security Code
for a Honda Accord

The security code is a five
digit code that comes with
the car.

Turn the key to accessory
position to power the radio.

With the radio in the Off
position, press 1 and 6 together,
a four digit code will appear
on the screen.

Release the buttons, and
another four digit number
will appear on screen.

Right down the numbers,
you need these two numbers.

If you have the five digit
security code for this radio,
when Code appears on
screen, enter the digits
into the radio.

Use the station buttons
to input the code.

When you enter the last
digit, keep holding down
the button, until you hear
a beep.

This completes the code

The clock needs to be

Press the sound button, when
the time starts blinking,
press the 4 for hours, and
5 button for minutes.

Press sound button again
to finalize the input.

When you do not have
the Security Code.

Call your Honda Dealer
they will be able to give you
the access security code.

Give the two four digit numbers,
and serial number to the Honda
people, along with the VIN
number of the vehicle, which
can be seen through the
windshield on the dash.

The digit numbers can
be found on the driver side
door frame.


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